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It has been a while since the general information about the set have been updated, but now is the time for a change. It is a change of the corruption mechanic, based on feedback from the comments. Thanks a lot to Phyrexianrevoker for the idea this is based on.

Corruption X
You may have this creature deal combat damage to creatures in the form of up to X corruption counters. If the creature then has 5 or more corruption counters, remove the counters and gain control of that creature.

The original Corruption mechanic simply added a fixed number of corruption counters on whatever creature it dealt damage to, and then gave you control of the creature, if it had 5 or more counters on it. This had the problem of most likely killing whatever creature you could grab, long before it had enough counters on it. With the change, this should no longer be the case. It also has an added benefit, in case of creatures with a higher Corruption than their power, since they can be pumped to put more counters on a creature than an opponent could have anticipated.

In addition to the update of Corruption in general, a few cards have been changed to work better with this, such as Dark Fluttershy and The Perfect Team, so that they grant Corruption to your creatures without it, and increases the amount of Corruption counters creatures that already have Corruption can add to a creature. How many times did I use the word Corruption in this update? Way too much (12)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I usually study biology and chemistry, so it is great to cut loose sometimes, and sho just what YOU want. In my case, I am writing various fan and non fan related pieces, as well as making magic cards. This is where I will be hosting them.

Work done so far:

Friendship the Gathering: Unseen Invasion
Friendship the Gathering: Finest Hour (In progress)
Friendship is Quite Interesting (first episode done, crossover with QI)

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Neat work on your cards, mate. A little unbalanced in some cases, but overall respectable work. Well worth a watch.
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